The Solar Dryer

The Concept

The concept of the Solar Dryer is easy but genius.

It consists of three main parts: a box, a trapezoid shaped contraption made of Plexiglas, and a chimney. Inside the box is a removable tray, where the grain can be laid out on to dry. Attached to the bottom of the box is the Plexiglas trapezoid, which works like a greenhouse, warming the air inside. At the front it has a small gap, so fresh air can get in. Through the circulation induced by the chimney, the warm air is sucked up through the box, passing the tray and in the process taking the moisture from the grain with it outside.

This is the miniature prototype we built in our backyard:


The next step

The next step is to build the new generation Solar Dyer In two locations in West Africa. Originally, we wanted to build the Dryer already last year together with our local partners. But due to Covid-19 we haven’t been able to do so.  Fortunately, we were able to use that time to find new partners in Guinea Bissau. A German professor is leading a motivated team on site to build the Solar Dryer in 2022. Furthermore, the plan is to make a construction manual, so the farmers can build the prototype themselves. For updates on this check out our news section.