Our Team

We are a team of nine students of the University of Cologne. We all study different things, have different interests and skills but one thing unites us: The desire to make a difference.

This is us:


Antonia Nolte

External Team Leader

Age: 21

Studies: Social Sciences

"What motivates me is that our project and innovation creates an opportunity for freedom and independence."

Franca Schirmer

Internal Team Leader

Age: 21

Studies: Economics

"I think the vision of Save the grain is great and believe that by combining the concept of our drying house with entrepreneurial thinking we will reach a lot of people."


Neele Kleinertz


Age: 22

Studies: Dental Medicine

"What I like about the project is that it works in direct cooperation with the local people to find a sustainable solution to improve the storage of the harvest."

Henri Oster


Age: 26

Studies: Geography

"What convinces me about the project is the possibility to address the problem of global food insecurity by allowing people to benefit very directly from our drying technology."


Arberint Zekolli


Age: 25

Studies: Business Administration

"I am convinced that it is our responsibility with our capabilities and knowledge to create new ideas to fight against the food insecurity in the world."


Piere Zilles


Age: 24

Studies: Business Administration

"My motivation for the project is the chance to use entrepreneurial thinking and creativity to face problems of global food supply in a sustainable way."

Marvin Maul

Age: 23

Studies: Mechanical Engeneering

"We live in a time when you cannot afford not to get involved social and sustainable projects."


Frauke Garmer

Relations & Strategie

Age: 22

Studies: Geography and Agriculture

"Creating food security is a fundamental part of development cooperation, to which I would like to contribute with my work at Save the Grain."

Lenia Römer

Relations & Strategie

Age: 22

Studies: Social Sciences

"After spending a year in Togo for voluntary service, it is wonderful to have a continued connection with the country. At Save the Grain, I'm able to combine my experience with entrepreneurial thinking to fight the problem of hunger."


Madita Joußen


Age: 22

Studies: Social Sciences

"It motivates and inspires me how the project manages to help people in a way that is going to improve their lives, not only now but also in the long run."