Food for Good - the Hult Prize 2021

It’s the beginning of a new year, and for us, it already started out great! We competed in the Hult Prize On Campus Pitch Day, a competition for ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative ideas to make the world a better place. We already took part in the competition last year – you can read our post about that here – but this year, the topic of was right up our alley: Food for Good. The challenge for the projects is to present a concept or idea that will help people escape starvation and poverty by providing means to increase their food supply and their income.

This is exactly what our project does. Our solar drier will prevent farmers in Subsahara Africa from having to throw away a big part of their crop yield by making the drying process more efficient and thus prevent the harvest from rotting. The storage bags will keep it safe from pests and animals. Furthermore, as a cooperative, the farmers will be able to buy seeds at a lower price and sell their harvest for better prices. Due to being able to store it for a longer time, they will not have to sell it to the middlemen immediately after harvest for a low price, but can sell it on the market themselves over a longer period of time and for higher prices. All of this will help the farmers increase their food supply from their own farms as well as increasing their income in order for them to be able to buy other necessities for themselves and their families.

Although there were many other great projects that took part in the competition, we actually won this round! The next step now is the regionals, where we will compete against the other teams that won their On Campus competitions. We will keep you updated!

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