The Enactus Startup Accelerator 2020

This November, Save the Grain took part in the Enactus Startup Accelerator, short ESA. The competition takes place once a year and Enactus teams from all over Germany have the chance to take part in one of two categories and present their ideas. The

categories are Innovation and Startup, and we competed in the Startup category. In this category, the projects have existed for some time and have the goal of being spun-off in the

next couple of years. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the competition could not take place in person, so we presented from our own living

rooms – which is easier said than done, but we managed. After three minutes of pitching our project to the jury and five minutes of Q&A, we took a short break and were able to have a look at the competitors in the category Innovation. In this category, new and exciting projects can compete for a promotion in the form of a cash prize, which can help them to get their projects up and running faster.

After the break, the winners were announced. In the category Innovation, reStove from Enactus Munich won, and in the category Startup, Leefpoint from Enactus Göttingen won. Sadly, we did not win the competition, but we still didn’t return empty-handed! We won a sponsorship award in the form of a whole day of discussion and consultation with Jörg Krell from JKrell Management, and we also won the Gexsi Community Award with a prize of 500 Euro.

All in all, a very successful day for us! If you want to watch the whole competition, click here: ESA 2020

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