The Idea

 In 2017, Komi, a togolese anglicist who worked and studied in Germany, approached us with a serious problem:

In sub-sahara Africa, two thirds of the harvest get lost each harvest season due to shortcomings in fertilizing and taking care of the plants as well as improper drying and inadequate storage opportunities, leading to malnourishment among the farmers and their families. Furthermore, the farmers are forced to sell their harvest for a low price directly after harvest, leading to poverty.


“Imagine all the food you eat every day. Now imagine somebody took away two thirds of it every single day.” 


 In order to deal with those problems, Save the Gain, with the help of German professors and other experts, has developed an innovative Solar Dryer that works without any electricity, only by using energy from the sun and air streams, to achieve a quick and effective dehydration while protecting against vermin and the humid climate conditions ins sub-sahara Africa.

 The idea is that farmers get together and form a cooperative, so that they can share the price of the Solar Dryer and each one gets the opportunity to use it. After the dehydration, the farmers’ harvest is stored in the cooperative’s hermetic bags that offer organic protection against vermin and a spread of rot without using any chemical products that could negatively impact the health of the consumers of the crops. Those bags can be reused for up to two years and afterwards can be exchanged for new bags or for getting back the pawn. The old bags are then sent back to the distributor to be recycled.

 With this, we hope to help break the dependence of the small farmers on international merchants who often dictate the market prices. The opportunity to store the harvest until prices rise allow the farmers to obtain financial means required for essentials like medicine or school utensils for their children, thus fostering economic independence and growth even in the medium and the long run.